1 mm2 TOPFLEX V-K Flexible Cable, Single Core (Top Cable)

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The Topflex HO5V-K & H07V-K cable has specially designed for installations that require a flexible cable due to the complex nature of their layout. This cable is specially suitable for domestic wiring. It may also be used for equipment wiring, distributors, cabinets and lighting. In addition, it is recommended for installation under false ceilings.

Cables with cross section up to 1mm2 are suitable for signalling and monitoring installations.


  1. Conductor: Electrolytic copper, class 5 (flexible), base on EN 60228
  2. Insulation: Extra sliding PVC.
    • Insulation Color: Blue, Brown, Black, Red, Yellow/Green, Yellow, Others color available on request


  • Operating Voltage, Uo/U :   450/750V
  • Operating Temperature : -40’C to 70’C
  • Maximum short-circuit Temperature : 160′ C
  • Flexibility : Class 5
  • Minimum Bending Radius: 5 x cable overall diameter
  • Water Resistance : AD3 Sprays
  • Chemical & Oill resistance : acceptable
  • Current Carrying Capacity
    • In Conduit 2 Cores (30’C) : 13A

Reference Standard

  • Design Specification: EN 60228

Installation Conditions

  • Domestic Use
  • In Conduit
  • Electrical Panel Wiring


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